Is It Asthma, or COPD? | Bayside Senior Care Company

Coughing that just won’t quit. Shortness of breath. Wheezing. Sounds like an asthma attack, right? Before reaching for the inhaler or those over-the-counter cough drops, however, it might be time to consider if another culprit – COPD – could be a factor. As many as 12 million Americans are currently living with COPD (and another […]

How to Help Your Elderly Loved One Set Reasonable Goals

Caregivers in Auburndale, NY – Seniors can set Personal Achievement Goals and Work towards them with Excitement People set goals all the time. Sometimes they succeed in achieving those goals, sometimes they don’t. Regardless of what your parent’s goals are, they have to be realistic about them. It is therefore important to ensure the goals […]

When Weight Gain, Not Weight Loss, is the Focus

Senior Care in Fresh Meadows, NY – Monitoring a Senior’s Weight is a Key Component of Home Care When we generally think about weight loss, we are thinking about a scenario that involves overweight individuals losing pounds to better their lives. From children to adults, obesity is a major concern across the country. Some equate this […]

Preying on the Lonely: Help Your Elderly Parent Avoid being the Victim of a Scam

Elderly Care in Bayside, NY – Seniors are considerably more susceptible to Being the Target of Illegal Activity Loneliness among the elderly isn’t necessarily the result of a lifelong personality trait. It can be triggered by the loss of a spouse, medical illnesses (which can result in the loss of driving ability), impaired mobility and hearing […]

Elder Care in Bayside, NY – It’s Never Too Late for Goal Setting

When caregiving for an elderly parent, you’re probably the most concerned about their physical health. While that’s very important, you should be considering their mental health and general well-being as well. Seniors should still be goal setting and achieving things they want from their life at any and all ages! Even simple things that are […]

Home Care in Bayside, NY – Go for More Grains

Some fad diets give carbohydrates a bad name. In reality, it’s refined grains that deserve the bad rap. Those are the ones you find in sugar cereals, cookies, white bread and lots of other junk-type food. These processed grains have had all the fiber and nutrients taken out, leaving only the starch behind. It converts […]

Home Care Services in Bayside, NY: Hearing Aid Maintenance

Did you know that in-home care services will make sure your loved one has the transportation they need to keep their hearing aids serviced and fitted properly? The home care provider will also remind your loved one to wear their hearing aid and help them to keep it put away when showering or going to […]

Elderly Care is One Piece of the Puzzle in Bayside, NY

When you have a loved one whom you feel has reached an age where he or she would require some form of elderly care, that is only one aspect of a higher quality of life when they get older. It’s important to find the right elder care provider for their needs, someone with whom he […]

Bayside Community Blood Drive, New York

  I want to make everyone aware of an important community event scheduled for next Thursday, August 15th, at the Bay Terrace Shopping Center.                         Bayside Community Blood Drive                               […]