The Best New Year’s Resolutions for Senior Home Caregivers

New Year’s resolutions: we love to create them, and can’t help but break them. Perhaps you’ve been motivated to eat better, lose that certain number of pounds, quit a bad habit, or go to the gym more often; but life has a habit of disrupting our best motives, particularly for senior home caregivers. To make […]

Best Senior Home Care’s Tips for Enjoying Holiday Outings with Seniors

The holiday season is full of celebrations, parties, gatherings, and get-togethers. Nevertheless, when providing care for a cherished senior, holiday outings require some advance planning. Follow these pointers from Best Senior Home Care in New York to take pleasure from fun and relaxed outings with loved ones of all ages this season. Before leaving the […]

Family Caregivers: Feeling Guilty Because You Can’t Do It All? Think Again!

Most people are juggling a lot of balls these days, and caregivers often feel like they’re juggling knives and flaming swords on top of it. It’s only natural to become overwhelmed and experience feelings of guilt when you’re responsible for the care of a loved one, whether that person is a parent, spouse or other […]

The Best Care for Seniors: Aging at Home, or Making a Move?

Home is where the heart is, and the vast majority of seniors’ hearts are set on staying at home throughout the aging process, instead of moving to an assisted living facility or nursing home – as many as 90% of them, according to AARP. And who can blame them? Feeling comfortable in familiar surroundings, having […]

Best Senior Home Care Asks: Is Balance Possible When Caring for Both Kids and Senior Parents?

If you are one of the 42 million American women filling the role of caretaker for children and senior parents, you are likely forced to make some difficult decisions on a regular basis about the priorities of one or the other. And where do the things you need fall in this spectrum? Have you even […]

Use the Hindsight of Others to Be Ready for Unexpected Home Care Needs

Countless families are caught unaware by a sudden care need. Luckily, you don’t have to be one of them. There are plenty of things you can do now to create a working plan for both long-term home care needs and emergency situations. If you are going to be responsible for your parent’s care, here are […]

What the Caregiver Can (and Shouldn’t) Share with Family

Caregivers in Forest Hills, NY – Establishing Boundaries Early is Important to the Privacy of the Caregiver and Senior Alike John wasn’t a very experienced caregiver when he first took the job with an elderly gentleman named Sam. John was actually still going to college and needed some extra money. Despite all his other efforts, he […]

When Family Members Are Uncomfortable with Home Care Services in Whitestone, NY

There are going to be plenty of times when you might feel uncomfortable about certain things that occur with home care services. One of the most significant issues that some family members have when their loved one requires a professional in-home care provider happens to do with using the bathroom. There are many intimate moments […]

Elderly Care in Auburndale, NY: Handling the subject of Religion as a Caregiver

Faith and religion is a vital part of our culture. No matter what kind of faith you have, or whether you believe in God or some other ethereal or spiritual force in the universe, when you are responsible for elderly care, it’s important to remember its place in this arrangement. It is the job of […]

Can Your Loved One Use Adult Day Care and Home Care Services in Fresh Meadows, NY?

Dan had been worried about his father for some time, but he thought that he would be able to do enough to keep him protected while living on his own. You see, Dan’s father was 83 and had been showing signs of struggling to live at home alone, but he didn’t want to move anywhere […]