What are the Signs of Dehydration in Seniors?

 Elder Care in Flushing, NY – Drinking Enough Water to Avoid Dehydration is an Important Focus for the Caregiver One of the few things not many people talk about when it comes to elderly care is dehydration. Dehydration can be a very serious and often overlooked condition for anyone, of any age. For older individuals, […]

Helping Your Elderly Parent Improve Their Self-Esteem

Senior Care in Whitestone, NY – Rapid Life Changes and Lost Independence can be Detrimental to Senior Self-Worth If your parents are now seniors, then chances are they are dealing with new and different challenges, both physical and mental. The physical difficulties have a direct impact on the mental aspect, and it is important to […]

Ten Steps to Preventing Foodborne Illness for Seniors

Caregivers in Little Neck, NY – Safe Food Handling is Essential to Protecting Susceptible Seniors from Becoming Ill Food safety for seniors is key to ensuring older adults stay healthy well into the future. Everyone’s health is different. Some, like older adults, are more susceptible to foodborne illnesses than others. Here are ten steps you […]

When Weight Gain, Not Weight Loss, is the Focus

Senior Care in Fresh Meadows, NY – Monitoring a Senior’s Weight is a Key Component of Home Care When we generally think about weight loss, we are thinking about a scenario that involves overweight individuals losing pounds to better their lives. From children to adults, obesity is a major concern across the country. Some equate this […]

3 Powerful Diet Tips to Improve Elderly Care in Little Neck, NY

Providing elderly care is a vital job and as it’s your job – no matter whether you’re caring for a family member or you are a home care aide –  you should focus on ways that you can help improve life for the elderly individual. One of the most important aspects of elder care services […]

Home Care in Fresh Meadows, NY – Checking Up on your Elder’s Eating Habits

How do you know if your elderly loved one is eating right? Their food choices are important because now that they need fewer calories, they are eating less food. But their nutrient requirements have not decreased. This means they need to be eating nutrient-dense super foods in order to stay healthy. They must also choose […]

Senior Care in Queens Village, NY – May is National Egg Month

Whether your senior parent already eats eggs or not, they can benefit from knowing exactly why they’re so good for their health and how to incorporate more of them into their diet. When caregiving for an elderly loved one, you always want what’s best for them. Having a healthy, improved meal plan is one of […]

Home Care in Bayside, NY – Go for More Grains

Some fad diets give carbohydrates a bad name. In reality, it’s refined grains that deserve the bad rap. Those are the ones you find in sugar cereals, cookies, white bread and lots of other junk-type food. These processed grains have had all the fiber and nutrients taken out, leaving only the starch behind. It converts […]

Senior Care in Auburndale, NY – 8 Ways to Get Over Caregiver Loneliness

When caregiving for an elderly parent, sometimes you almost don’t realize how it’s changed your life until things get hard. When you have increased demands on your time, you may drop out of other activities, which leads your friends to back away or maybe feel they are unwanted. This is especially true with caregivers whose […]

Elderly Care in Whitestone, NY: Warning Signs of Mental Illness

Both family members and elderly care providers should be aware of the symptoms of mental illness for the elderly person. Do you ever wonder what changes are normal? What changes can be expected with aging versus changes that are related to mental illness? Mental health concerns are more prevalent in the elderly than any other […]