How to Determine the Right Schedule for Home Care Services in Flushing, NY

Home Care Services in Flushing, NYSandra was determined to find the best level of care for her elderly mother. She did what she could, but she didn’t live close enough to be effective for long. She had talked about the prospect of hiring home care services for her mother and although her mother was against the idea at first, the more she learned about it, the more she came to accept that it was a good thing. The right thing.

Sandra called around to a number of home care agencies in the area and, with her mother’s help, had determined that one would be ideal for her. The in home care provider had experience, had some similar interests as her mother, and seemed to genuinely care about the welfare of elderly individuals.

So they decided to choose this one in home care provider in particular. Next, they had to determine the right schedule for Sandra’s mother. Sandra knew that even though her mother claimed that she could still do a lot for herself that she needed more help than she would let on.

At the same time, Sandra also knew that her mother didn’t need someone there all day long, or even every day.

They sat down with the new in home care provider and the agency and worked out a schedule. For Sandra’s mother, Mondays were the toughest for her, mostly because she was active in her church and did what she could to help, usually wearing herself out by the end of Sunday. Getting up and dressed Monday morning was tough.

From there, she generally took it easy the rest of the day and Tuesday would sometimes cause her problems, too. Wednesday she would do fine in the morning, but in the afternoon, because her neighbor worked late, there was no one around to help her out if she had any trouble. So they figured Wednesday afternoon or evening was a good time to follow through.

Friday was another busy day for her, but she was also around a number of people throughout the day as she would be at one location or another taking part in various activities. Saturday she could use some help again.

Determining the right schedule for home care services is a matter of figuring out when care is most needed for the elderly individual and when the support is generally at its lowest. This can seem complicated, especially if you don’t know your loved one’s schedule, so sit down with them and determine what he or she does at any given time and you’ll be able to determine the right schedule for proper care

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About Kevin Meaney

At 85 my dad lived on his own in Florida for nine months of the year, enjoying the warm weather and playing golf several times a week with friends.
Then one day while taking a walk alone, he suddenly got a little light-headed and fell, resulting in a serious head injury and a four week stay in the hospital and rehab.

Suddenly everything changed.
My dad’s condition after the accident made it clear he could no longer live independently, and after some deliberation my wife and I decided to have him come and live with us in New York.

We were both still working at the time, but I had a home office, and so I became my dad’s primary caregiver/companion during the day. Although my dad was easy going and a low-maintenance guy, he did need some help with washing and dressing, meal preparation, medication reminders, trips to the doctor, and socialization. Always a very outgoing guy, I noticed now that without some encouragement/nudging, he would be content to stay home and watch TV all day.

This experience led me to start Best Senior Home Care.
It helped me really appreciate just how challenging and stressful it can be to care for an aging parent at home. This despite the fact I was lucky enough to have a spouse and grown children at home to help, and many siblings nearby only too happy to assist whenever needed.

Clearly not all families are this fortunate! At Best Senior Home Care, our mission is a simple one – help families in need to find reliable, compassionate caregivers to be there for your loved ones when you can’t be there. Over the last five years we have helped many families in the area with in-home care for an aging parent or other relative. Google Verified Author