The Best New Year’s Resolutions for Senior Home Caregivers

New Year’s resolutions: we love to create them, and can’t help but break them. Perhaps you’ve been motivated to eat better, lose that certain number of pounds, quit a bad habit, or go to the gym more often; but life has a habit of disrupting our best motives, particularly for senior home caregivers. To make […]

Best Senior Home Care’s Tips for Enjoying Holiday Outings with Seniors

The holiday season is full of celebrations, parties, gatherings, and get-togethers. Nevertheless, when providing care for a cherished senior, holiday outings require some advance planning. Follow these pointers from Best Senior Home Care in New York to take pleasure from fun and relaxed outings with loved ones of all ages this season. Before leaving the […]

Social Media’s Impact on Senior Isolation – and How Best Senior Home Care Can Help

The world is certainly smaller now than ever before since the advent of the Internet, and it’s now so easy to stay connected with friends and family at a distance. For seniors who are experiencing periods of isolation, such as those who are homebound, accessing online resources like Facebook, Twitter, and Skype can make a […]

Best Senior Home Care’s Tips for Cancer Support

When someone you love has cancer, it’s natural to want to drop everything and help that person, but taking on the role of a caregiver is not without challenges. Both the cancer treatments and their side effects can be difficult for the patients themselves and their loved ones, and it’s possible to feel overwhelmed at […]

Best Senior Home Care Asks: Is Balance Possible When Caring for Both Kids and Senior Parents?

If you are one of the 42 million American women filling the role of caretaker for children and senior parents, you are likely forced to make some difficult decisions on a regular basis about the priorities of one or the other. And where do the things you need fall in this spectrum? Have you even […]